Shabby Shrieks Together Again

My Inspiration!

My Inspiration!

With the Craft Season over, all my girls who didn’t get adopted are back together. They ride gunshot over my Craft room during the “off-season”


Riding Gunshot!

Riding Gunshot!

Having them back in my craft room makes me want to start designing my next Shriek.  These girls help by encouraging and inspiring me throughout the whole design process.

Watch for progress pics!

Craft Season Over!

Well the 2017 Craft Season is over, at least for IzzySwankStyle anyway! I am happy to report that IzzySwankStyle had a record setting year!  One reason is, we participated in six shows this year which is five more than we usually do!  If you normally are in one show a year its not too hard to top that!  We participated in great shows and then not so great shows.  Our best show every year has been Magdalyn Church in Wichita, Kansas.  It didn’t disappoint us this year either.   Most show lucrative ever!  Thank you Wichita!

The other reason we did good this year is we added a product to our Izzyswankstyle line…..our T-Tops!  We sold a ton of these tops!  Which was so wonderful!  It shows that people love what we love!  That makes both Gayla and I very happy!

Now we have to recoup from all the work we put in during the year, creating and going to shows!  Whew!  My craft room took the brunt of it though!  As you can see by the pictures below.  My goal for 2018 is to totally redo my craft room.  I want it organized, efficient and have work stations set up for different types of craft projects.  WOW!  That’s a tall order!  I’ll keep everyone posted!  More to come!


My Messy Craft Room!

My Messy Craft Room!

This Craft Room needs condemned!

This Craft Room needs condemned!


The Birth of Another Shabby Shriek!


First glimpse of my new doll.  I think she was feeling a bit flat that day!  Sometimes this part is the easiest.  Many of my dolls are pretty particular when it comes to what they wear.  I started out with a completely different outfit on her but she would have nothing to do with it.  So I scrapped it and started again. This time she was very pleased.  See my first outfit attempt below.


Flat Shabby!

Flat Shabby!

Well I am happy to say that she developed into a well rounded Shriek!  I love her hair made from black/gray toule (not sure that how you spell it!)  Although it’s a bit hidden on the finished doll, I think it gives her a lot of character.  See her fully transformed below!

IMG_0365 IMG_0367 IMG_0371 IMG_0355 IMG_0350

Beautiful Pink and Black Lady!

See my first attempt at her outfit below.  PS.  She hated it but I’ve got plans for it with another doll!

First Outfit!

First Outfit!


Favorite T-shirts Transformed!

My T-shirt Hoard! Get Free Tutorials on how to transform old T-shirts into amazing projects!

My T-shirt Hoard

Do you have some favorite T-shirts that you don’t wear anymore?  We all know I do!!  Maybe they are too big, too small, or just plain wore out.  But you love them, so you can’t bring yourself to throw them out. It’d be like throwing out memories!  But to keep them crammed in a drawer for the next ten years doesn’t seem right either.  So what do you do?  Do what my friend LaDonna did and have them transformed into something super cool and totally wearable for years to come!  LaDonna, who I met at the Parkway West Craft Show in St. Louis this past fall, bought the prototype for our “T-Tops”.  I wasn’t even going to bring it to the show but at the last minute Gayla threw it in one of the boxes and said, “What the heck, let’s see if it sells.  As it turned out LaDonna, who had the booth next to us, bought it!  We made her try it on and once I saw it on her, I knew we had to make more!

Because it looked so great and since LaDonna loves T-shirts about as much as I do, she asked if we could make a top out of some of her stash.  Of course we said Yes!  A couple of weeks later LaDonna sent me some of her most beloved t-shirts.

Some favorite T-shirts from LaDonna's stash

Some favorite T-shirts from LaDonna’s stash

More favorites from LaDonna

More favorites from LaDonna

Here is the end result!  Its fabulous and she can wear these prize T-shirts for years to come.  By the way!  If you want great one of a kind jewelry check out LaDonna’s Etsy shop….etsy.com/show/necklacesbyld.  I don’t normally buy anything when I participate in craft shows.  I want to make money not spend it!  BUT there are times when I can’t resist!  LaDonna’s jewelry was an example of that.  It’s Damn Cool!  Both Gayla and I bought very unique necklaces from her.  I get comments on it every time I wear it.  I’ll post a picture of it so everyone can see!



New Dolls!

Hi Everyone, I have been busy in my basement craft room over the summer and fall creating creating and creating!  It seems I go in cycles with what I concentrate on.  Last year I couldn’t make enough t-shirt bags.  They were my “jam”!  Then all the sudden I switched back to my Shabby Shrieks.  Not sure what changed but I was completely DONE with making bags and felt I HAD to satisfy my doll making urge again.  Below are some of my new additions!  Enjoy!


3x7a4705 3x7a4715 3x7a4726 img_4084 img_4074 img_3566 img_3350 img_3214 img_2857 img_2666


My New Assistant!

My New Assistant

My New Assistant

Hi Everyone!  I want to introduce my new assistant…..well actually I don’t have a name for her yet!  But I’ll pick a good one. If you have some good ideas let me know!

I have been wanting to display my Bibs a bit better at the craft shows I attend, so I went to Etsy to find the perfect thing.  I looked at mannequins first but they were expensive and I wanted something different, something that would draw people into my booth.  Then I thought, how about a doll?  Good Idea Gayle!  I ended up finding this beautiful doll at MadGeniusVintage.   Her face caught my attention with those big eyes and luscious red lips! I knew she would be perfect.  It was obvious she had been played with and loved alot, because once I got her home, I saw that her luscious red lips had been painted on by some sweet five year old!  But honestly, it made me love her even more!

As you can see she did a great job of modeling my “Blues Brothers” bib!  I took her with me to the Lafayette High School Craft show where she did such a great job modeling that several people asked to buy her!

She is pictured here wearing her vintage Christmas dress with red and white booties and headband bought at my favorite Savers here in St. Louis.  For those of you not from STL, Savers is similar to Goodwill.  I plan on having her wear a different outfit at every show!   Keep checking back, I’ll post pictures of her and her outfits!

New Assistant modeling at Lafayette Craft Show

New Assistant modeling at Lafayette Craft Show


Lafayette Craft Show Success!

Hi everyone!  Even if the Lancers of Lafayette High School in Chesterfield are the Eureka Wildcats biggest rival, I have to give them credit for putting on a great Craft Show.  Being fairly new to the Craft Show scene in St. Louis, I didn’t have any idea what craft shows were good and which ones were not worth the time and effort.  As anyone that participates in shows, you know they are a lot of work and end up being physically and sometime mentally draining!  So when you attend one that is well organized, not too expensive, with a good variety of vendors PLUS attracts a lot of buyers, you want to shout for joy!    It makes the hard work worth it!

That was the case with the Lafayette Craft Show I participated in on Saturday, December 3rd.  They had plenty of high school kids to help load and unload.  Which is the best!!!  I can’t say how much that helps make the day start and end on a good note!  All the kids that helped were so sweet and nice. But really what kid that plays in the Band isn’t!!

The organizers provided a free breakfast with a bottle of water AND gave out cookies to the vendors throughout the day.  I passed on the breakfast sandwich but the cookie came in handy since it was the only thing I had for lunch!  At one point during the day, some of the kids from the chorus group sang Christmas carols!  They were awesome!

The show started at 9am and at first I was worried that the crowd was a bit thin.  BUT the people that were there, were Buyers! I had several customers buy multiple items which was wonderful!  I ended up selling a lot and making some great new friends including Kathi Austin, a rep for Rodan&Fields skin care line.  She was really the nicest person with honest to God the most beautiful skin!  So of course, I am going to buy the entire line!  I’ll keep everyone posted if I turn into the most beautiful 57 year old mom in the World!  Ha Ha!

One of the items that I sell at these shows are my dolls.  I know that a lot of people look at them and think they are the ugliest dolls ever!  Those people are easy to spot….their facial expressions are really quite funny!  But I don’t care because for every ten people that turn their noses up at my dolls there is that one person that “gets them”!  They know right away that Tim Burton is my inspiration. They love what I have created and they love to talk about how the dolls were made and the story behind each doll and why I make them.  These people inspire me to keep going.  They are an eclectic, creative and “outside the box” group of women that range from young 20 somethings to 70 year old grandmas and I love every one of them.

The only negative I would have with this show is that it was pretty darn long.  It started at 9am and ran until 6pm.  The last two hours were a bit painful.  But at least it wasn’t a two-day show!  UGH I did one of those recently and man that second day was so not worth it!  Plus my weekend was totally shot!  I don’t think I’ll do one of those again!

So my overall rating for the Lafayette show is an “8.8” out of “10”.   My sales at these events are also considered in the ratings.  I use the Magdalen show in Wichita, Kansas to set the standard as it has been my most profitable event.  But even Magdalen didn’t get a “10” since they provide no help loading or unloading and the Vendor Perks was a bottle of water!

Here are the factors that make up my scoring of Lafayette Craft Show:

Booth Location and Space:  9

Cost of Booth: 10

Show Organization: 9

Variety of Vendors (more handmade crafts the higher the score: 8

Length of Show: 8

Sales: 8

Vendor Perks: 10


My New Assistant!  She does a great job showcasing my Baby Bibs!

Re-Styled Dresser for Under $50

Re-styled Dresser for under $50

Dresser 2



Re-style an old dresser for under $50!  

I desperately needed storage in my sewing room and since my sewing room doubles as my guest bedroom, whatever I chose needed to be functional but stylish.   As I have mentioned before, I love Fabric!  Every piece I buy, was bought with love and the thought that someday it would be transformed into something beautiful! The end result is,  I have fabric everywhere and that’s no way to treat any kind of precious cargo!  So I needed to get organized! Continue reading

My Latest Shabby Shriek Dolls

Hi Everyone, one of my favorite things to create are my Shabby Shriek Dolls.  I just finished two that I totally love.  Both are a bit more colorful than I have done in the past, but I am digging it!

Its interesting how my dolls have evolved over the few years and how other crafted dolls have inspired my own creations.  I have always loved dolls but only started creating my own a few years ago after I saw one of Junker Jane’s dolls.  I was hooked!  I thought….their not perfect, so any mistake really isn’t a mistake….gotta love that!  Plus they are kind of scary but in a beautiful way.

I decided that I had to make one of my own!  I had learned to sew when I was young, (Thanks Mom!) but I hadn’t sewn anything for years.  I hoped it was like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget.   It ended up that making these dolls involves very little sewing and what little there is, is straight lines!  Again, perfect for me!   My very first doll was primitive but I immediately fell in love with her.  I still have her, she sits on the shelf overlooking my work table with another one of my “firsts”.  She is pictured below.

First Shabby Shriek Doll

First Shabby Shriek Doll

She was simple, unadorned and the process was easy so I thought “I must make more”!    Continue reading

Pendant Lamp Tutorial

Free Bentwood Pendant Lamp Tutorial 

lamp pic 12


Buy it for $200……Make it for $60!

Okay, so I’ve needed to update my dining room hanging light for a while now. But hanging lamps are expensive! So, I was pretty excited when I saw the hanging lamp tutorial post on “Designer trapped in a Lawyers body” blog!   That was just what I was looking for! The lamp was stylish and up to date and the tools and materials needed to make it were simple and easy to get! I even had some of them on hand, left over from previous projects! Continue reading