Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge – FREE Tutorials!

In celebration of the “never go out of style fashion garment” the T-shirt.  I am holding a Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge.  Each week I will showcase a different way to deconstruct and reconstruct T-shirts into creative and cool projects.  Whether its to wear, carry, or use, I will provide step by step FREE instructions so you can make each project yourself!

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My Fabric Addiction!

Yes I am addicted!  Addicted to Fabric!  In my last article, I mentioned one of my favorite childhood memories was of fabric shopping with my Mom and sisters. When we were still in grade school, our Mom would take us to a local fabric store.  I don’t remember its name, but it sold only the basics….fabric, zippers, patterns and thread, that’s it!  What a difference from what fabric stores offer today, which brings me to a topic that is heavy on my heart!! Hancock Fabric is going out of business!!! Continue reading

I Used to be a Goodwill Snob!

Yes, I admit it!  I used to be a real snob about shopping at Goodwill or any other thrift store for that matter!  Those places were for people who couldn’t afford to shop at TJ Maxx!  Even when Gayla and I started going to Goodwill to find our craft project supplies, I was embarrassed to go in and mortified when I saw someone I knew!   I would even dress in my crappiest sweats just to “fit in”.  But I started seeing all the great things you could get there for great prices and my viewpoint changed.   Not only did we get great craft supplies for really really cheap, I began to find clothes that were name brand, stylish and hardly or, if ever, worn.  Gayla is the real expert when it comes finding the best clothes deals at GW.   She has outfits that really turn heads and only cost a few dollars. Continue reading

It’s Never Too Late!

It’s never to late to follow your passion!  I have always known how to sew. It was one of the many things that my mother taught us four girls when we were growing up.  It is a skill that my own daughters have no desire to learn! My mother made all of our clothes and it wasn’t until the 6th grade did my sister and I own a store-bought dress! Which we thought was awesome! Throughout my adulthood, I have sewn clothes for myself and my children, but very seldom did my clothes turn out good enough to wear! They always looked homemade. But I continued to shop for fabric and patterns and some got made and some didn’t. Honestly, buying the fabric was the best part!  Continue reading

Sixteen Tips for Setting up a Home-Based Business

Hi All!  As you know I made the leap from Corporate America to working from home and as a result I learned some valuable lessons and gained some great insight from others who are further along in their Home-Based business than I am.  I have compiled sixteen (16) down to earth, common sense tips that I used to help me set up my home-based business.  Hope they might help others too!  Continue reading

85 Reasons Why I Love My Mom!

For my mom’s 80th birthday a couple of years ago, my sisters (Linda, Sandra and Gayla) and I put together a list of 80 things we love about our mom.  We ended up with 85!  It took us all back to when we were growing up together in Wichita, Kansas.   We were a typical middle class family.  My dad worked for a meat packing company and my mom stayed home with us.  We weren’t rich at all and my mom had to be pretty frugal to make ends meet.  This didn’t affect us at all, we grew up surrounded by love and that was all that mattered. Continue reading

Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts

Even though this blog is primarily about Crafts and other fun stuff. From time to time I’ll throw in some tips or things I learned over the years. These interviewing “Do’s and Don’ts” have been compiled from my 25 years of working in Human Resources. Over the years I have interviewed a ton of people and have seen and heard everything!! From those experiences I have compiled this list. Continue reading

Eight Tips to Help Get You Through Bad Times!

I am not a counselor in anyway shape or form so keep that in mind! But I did recently go through a really rough time, mainly due to my job but there were other factors as well that led this to being the “worst year of my life”. In the midst of this crappy year, I tried lots of things to help me through each day. Thankfully my “worse year ever” is over and I am on my way to being the happiest I have ever been! This blog plays a big part in that too! These steps helped me so I hope they help you too. Continue reading