Unique and Fun Baby Girl Dress!

Cute Girl Dress Made from T-shirts!  

Welcome everyone to Week Seven of my Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge.  This week I am sharing how I used a very easy Butterick pattern (B5585) to create a cute One of a Kind summer dress using recycled T-shirts and clothes for your One of a Kind Baby Girl!

Recycled T-shirt Dress. Go to Izzyswankstyle.com for FREE instructions

Recycled T-shirt Dress

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Reusable Cleaning Wipes – Free Instructions

Reusable Cleaning Wipes made from Recycled T-shirts and Essential Oils – Free Tutorial

Welcome to Week Six of my Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge!  This week I am sharing a Free Tutorial showing you how to make your own Reusable Cleaning Wipes made out of old T-Shirts.

Ingredients for Reusable Cleaning Wipes

Ingredients for Reusable Cleaning Wipes

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Baby Bibs – Free Tutorial

Hi Everyone!  Welcome to Week One of my Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge!    This week I am showcasing my Baby Bibs.  These bibs are easy and simply irresistible and the instructions are Free to download!

Baby Bibs made from T-shirts. Download my Free Tutorial!

Baby Bibs made from T-shirts

My daughter is a Maya Indian adopted from Guatemala.  She has beautiful black hair and black eyes.  When she was a baby I didn’t want anything that was typical!  Bibs or clothes with pretty pink bunnies or cute yellow chicks on them, just didn’t fit her.   I was constantly on the lookout for more “edgy” baby clothes……unfortunately I couldn’t find much.   This led me to make these bibs.  She is now 11 and of course doesn’t use bibs anymore, but she is the inspiration behind them  I serged them to add to their “edginess”!  All are totally washable and have a velcro fastener.  AND of course are made from recycled t-shirts!

Baby Bibs made from recycled T-shirts!

Baby Bibs

Need more inspiration or don’t have time to create your own, just go to our ETSY site -IzzySwank and pick one out from our selection.

Gayle and Gayla  (They thought they could, so they did!)

17 Short Inspirational Quotes

I really love a good quote and try to start each day with one.  A good quote in my opinion doesn’t have to be long in fact some of my favorites are really short and to the point!     I have listed a few of them here.  Each of these quotes are powerful and use only five or less words.   Continue reading

Recycled T-Shirt Scarf Free Tutorial

Hi Everyone!  Its Week Five of my Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge where I give you Free Tutorials on how to take old T-Shirts and transform them in amazing ways.

Have old T-shirts you just can't throw away? Get my free tutorial on this T-shirt Scarf


This week I am featuring my T-shirt scarf.  If you can cut and sew a straight line then this free tutorial project is for you.  These scarves are comfortable, warm and practically indestructible.  Why? Because they are made out of T-shirts!   Continue reading