Where did you get that and what are you going to do with it!!

This is the first week of my “Where did you get that and what are you going to do with it?” corner.  This will be a weekly event where I show you the Goodwill finds or Auction items I got and how I transformed them into something fabulous!  Kind of like Gayle Ann and T-Shirts!

This week I want to show you a couple of items I won in an on-line Auction. I got three items: a child’s violin, a vintage hanging lamp and a metal rolling serving cart.

Goodwill Finds! IMG_1909

I have to say, I’m a sucker for anything metal and vintage!  That is a Win-Win in my mind.   The brown, rather ugly metal serving tray I got for $5.00. The next item, the vintage lamp, I had to really fight for!  But I won out over the others bidders with a $25.00 final bid.   Definitely a steal, but a hard fought battle just the same!  Someone out there is having buyers regret but it ain’t me!  Lastly, the child’s violin was a MUST HAVE for me!  Do I want to learn to play the violin?  HECK NO!  Do I want to use it for a super cool decorative piece?  HECK YEAH!  I paid only $9 buckaroos!

Now let’s start with the transformations!  Rolling Cart first!  It was in the worse shape of them all.  Had Gayle Ann seen it she would have thrown it in the trash!  See people,  even Twins have different creative eyes!

With only a couple of cans of spray paint and some duck tape I made a silk purse out of sow’s ear!   I am totally in love with the John Deer green I picked for this project.  It pops like no other color could!   Oh and by the way the 70’s lamp and the cool orange candy dish came from Goodwill tool!!  I bought those months ago at almost stupidly low prices; candy dish- $1.75 and the lamp – $4.00. At the time I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but the creative voice inside my head told me to buy them.    I always listen to her, cause she rarely steers me wrong.  I think most people would agree this vignette is cool. For those who don’t, I am sure still decorate with “mauve” and collect “Cabbage Patch Dolls”.Recycled Vintage Cart


Next in the line up is the vintage light fixture.  It reminds me of my childhood when we had an amber teardrop swag lamp in the corner of our living room.  It casts a gold light over the entire room.  Apparently that was the cool thing to do at the time.  This piece attracted me with its cut glass and the cylinder shape. It started out quite dull and dusty, but I used a bit of elbow grease and cleaned it until it sparkled like a diamond. IMG_1912


I then painted the dark burnished brass with gold spray paint, which brightened it up a bit! With my trusty electric drill in tow, I hung it in my dining room on a couple of plant hangers! It dresses up the corner, plus having to turn it off and on with a switch on the chain adds to the vintage feel! Love it!





Lastly, my initial idea for the child’s  violin was to decoupage it or paint it some funky color, but instead I put it on my mantel in “as is” condition and considered it done!



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  1. Linda Marie says:

    Super cool ideas and clever, clever! What a fantastic re-do of the metal serving tray…love the color! the hanging light is amazing! I played the violin as a child….should have kept it for an ecletic decoration!

    Love your blog!

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