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Free Bentwood Pendant Lamp Tutorial 

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Buy it for $200……Make it for $60!

Okay, so I’ve needed to update my dining room hanging light for a while now. But hanging lamps are expensive! So, I was pretty excited when I saw the hanging lamp tutorial post on “Designer trapped in a Lawyers body” blog!   That was just what I was looking for! The lamp was stylish and up to date and the tools and materials needed to make it were simple and easy to get! I even had some of them on hand, left over from previous projects!

It is made in the style of lamps that you can get at a high end store for $199.00!  This tutorial shows you how to make it for $60!

Theirs:  $200                                                             Mine:  $60!

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Here’s what I used: 


(4) sets of Wooden 18” Quilters Hoops (I got mine at Hancocks – $6.00 for each set)

(4) 6” Floral and Craft rings (Michaels had a two pack for $2.97 for a pack)

Minwax wood stain

Wood glue

Upholstery tacks (I got mine at Walmart for $4.00)


Amber Edison Bulb (Walmart came through again!  I got this one for  $8.00)

Mini Pendant Light (I used this one from Lowe’s, it was $20, see below)

Hanging Lamp 9Tools

Chop Saw

Wood block



Round Plant stand


Here’s how I did it! 


I first cut the quilters hoops in half, giving me 16 half hoops. I only used 13 for this project. The remaining ones I’ll save for the next lamp!  I used my Chop saw to cut them in half.

Then I stained the wooden half hoops with a dark wood stain. You could paint them black which would be stunning as well. You could even go with a funky color! I can see maybe a lime green or hot pink to go in my daughter’s room! I also stained the Floral rings to match the hoops.

Hanging Lamp 3

Once they were dry. I started the assembly process. Using wood glue, I secured one end of the half hoops in between two of the floral rings. To help stabilize them I held them together using the clips. I liked that clips were small enough to fit in between each hoop, but it was hard to get them open wide enough to fit the hoop end and two layers of the floral ring. But I did it! Then, to add some embellishment and help keep the lamp together, I nailed  upholstery tacks around the ring and through each hoop. I like the finished look it gave the lamp.

Hanging Lamp 4

The top half was pretty easy to finish. I did have a tall round wooden plant stand that helped immensely. But I wondered how I was going to finish the opposite end without breaking the wooden hoops! Here was my solution! I cut a 4 x 4 wood block to the length that fit inside of the hoops. That way I had something to hammer the upholstery tacks on.  Once I glued and nailed the hoops to the rings, I removed the block from inside the hoops by opening up two of them wide enough to slip the block through. I then adjusted them back into position before the glue dried.

hanging Lamp 2

Now to insert the Mini Pendant Light! How was I going to secure the lamp body to a steel pole? So, I just started wrapping jute through the ribs of the lamp and around the pole of the light. It ended up looking pretty cool! It might be hard to see in this picture, but it added to the industrial look that I was going for.

Lamp pic 11

I consider myself a master electrician because I have hung lights or ceiling fans or changed outlets all over my house!! (I know it takes more than that to be a master,,, let me have my moment!!) With my trusty ladder and screw driver I changed out the old lamp with my new faux Westbrook hanging lamp!

Here is the finished project! I inserted an amber colored Edison bulb to finish the look! I think the lamps updates my dining room from 2000 when we moved in, to 2016!

lamp pic 12

For my next hanging lamp project, I’m going to watch for a hanging lamp at Goodwill and just use the light assembly from that to reduce the cost!


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