Favorite T-shirts Transformed!

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My T-shirt Hoard

Do you have some favorite T-shirts that you don’t wear anymore?  We all know I do!!  Maybe they are too big, too small, or just plain wore out.  But you love them, so you can’t bring yourself to throw them out. It’d be like throwing out memories!  But to keep them crammed in a drawer for the next ten years doesn’t seem right either.  So what do you do?  Do what my friend LaDonna did and have them transformed into something super cool and totally wearable for years to come!  LaDonna, who I met at the Parkway West Craft Show in St. Louis this past fall, bought the prototype for our “T-Tops”.  I wasn’t even going to bring it to the show but at the last minute Gayla threw it in one of the boxes and said, “What the heck, let’s see if it sells.  As it turned out LaDonna, who had the booth next to us, bought it!  We made her try it on and once I saw it on her, I knew we had to make more!

Because it looked so great and since LaDonna loves T-shirts about as much as I do, she asked if we could make a top out of some of her stash.  Of course we said Yes!  A couple of weeks later LaDonna sent me some of her most beloved t-shirts.

Some favorite T-shirts from LaDonna's stash

Some favorite T-shirts from LaDonna’s stash

More favorites from LaDonna

More favorites from LaDonna

Here is the end result!  Its fabulous and she can wear these prize T-shirts for years to come.  By the way!  If you want great one of a kind jewelry check out LaDonna’s Etsy shop….etsy.com/show/necklacesbyld.  I don’t normally buy anything when I participate in craft shows.  I want to make money not spend it!  BUT there are times when I can’t resist!  LaDonna’s jewelry was an example of that.  It’s Damn Cool!  Both Gayla and I bought very unique necklaces from her.  I get comments on it every time I wear it.  I’ll post a picture of it so everyone can see!



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  1. LADONNA BABER says:

    Thank you for my awesome shirt!! I have bragged about it to everyone! I have others in mind so….. 😉

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