Craft Season Over!

Well the 2017 Craft Season is over, at least for IzzySwankStyle anyway! I am happy to report that IzzySwankStyle had a record setting year!  One reason is, we participated in six shows this year which is five more than we usually do!  If you normally are in one show a year its not too hard to top that!  We participated in great shows and then not so great shows.  Our best show every year has been Magdalyn Church in Wichita, Kansas.  It didn’t disappoint us this year either.   Most show lucrative ever!  Thank you Wichita!

The other reason we did good this year is we added a product to our Izzyswankstyle line…..our T-Tops!  We sold a ton of these tops!  Which was so wonderful!  It shows that people love what we love!  That makes both Gayla and I very happy!

Now we have to recoup from all the work we put in during the year, creating and going to shows!  Whew!  My craft room took the brunt of it though!  As you can see by the pictures below.  My goal for 2018 is to totally redo my craft room.  I want it organized, efficient and have work stations set up for different types of craft projects.  WOW!  That’s a tall order!  I’ll keep everyone posted!  More to come!


My Messy Craft Room!

My Messy Craft Room!

This Craft Room needs condemned!

This Craft Room needs condemned!

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