Re-Styled Dresser for Under $50

Re-styled Dresser for under $50

Dresser 2



Re-style an old dresser for under $50!  

I desperately needed storage in my sewing room and since my sewing room doubles as my guest bedroom, whatever I chose needed to be functional but stylish.   As I have mentioned before, I love Fabric!  Every piece I buy, was bought with love and the thought that someday it would be transformed into something beautiful! The end result is,  I have fabric everywhere and that’s no way to treat any kind of precious cargo!  So I needed to get organized! Continue reading

Pendant Lamp Tutorial

Free Bentwood Pendant Lamp Tutorial 

lamp pic 12


Buy it for $200……Make it for $60!

Okay, so I’ve needed to update my dining room hanging light for a while now. But hanging lamps are expensive! So, I was pretty excited when I saw the hanging lamp tutorial post on “Designer trapped in a Lawyers body” blog!   That was just what I was looking for! The lamp was stylish and up to date and the tools and materials needed to make it were simple and easy to get! I even had some of them on hand, left over from previous projects! Continue reading

Where did you get that and what are you going to do with it!!

This is the first week of my “Where did you get that and what are you going to do with it?” corner.  This will be a weekly event where I show you the Goodwill finds or Auction items I got and how I transformed them into something fabulous!  Kind of like Gayle Ann and T-Shirts!

This week I want to show you a couple of items I won in an on-line Auction. I got three items: a child’s violin, a vintage hanging lamp and a metal rolling serving cart. Continue reading

My Fabric Addiction!

Yes I am addicted!  Addicted to Fabric!  In my last article, I mentioned one of my favorite childhood memories was of fabric shopping with my Mom and sisters. When we were still in grade school, our Mom would take us to a local fabric store.  I don’t remember its name, but it sold only the basics….fabric, zippers, patterns and thread, that’s it!  What a difference from what fabric stores offer today, which brings me to a topic that is heavy on my heart!! Hancock Fabric is going out of business!!! Continue reading