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cropped-IMG_3210.jpgI am one of four sisters, born in the middle of the United States in the 1950’s. I am the other half of twin girls, Gayle Ann and Gayla Jo, and currently the “blonder” of the two!  I am the younger sister to Linda and Sandra and daughter to Bob and Wanna. But I don’t want to repeat what you already heard from Gayle Ann, so I’ll skip all that. We did grow up in a very Midwest household, Dad worked and Mom stayed home and raised us four girls until Gayle Ann and I were in the sixth grade. She went back to work then.

Because we didn’t have much money, we lived a simple life. Mom made all our clothes and we very rarely ate dinner in a restaurant.  We benefited from this simple life in that we learned how to fend for ourselves, but also we learned the basics: cooking, sewing, knitting, embroidery, most every kind of handiwork!  Those early years were the foundation of my love for sewing, but it wasn’t until the last three years that I really took my sewing seriously!  Okay, I’m a late bloomer!

Aside from loving to sew, I also love to write! That is something I don’t tell a lot of people,,,not a problem now!”  I have a novel in the works, okay it’s been in the works for years!! No judging!!  As most writer’s will tell you, yes I’m calling myself a writer, any way most writers want people to read their works, but it’s so personal that it’s hard to let that story or novel go. Someone told me that it’s like taking your favorite child out to the back yard and shooting them!! Okay that was a little over the top and I would never do that for a number of obvious reasons, two of which are; I don’t have a favorite child and I can’t shoot a gun!! But I admit, there is some validity to that statement. It is very painful!

Being a writer is probably why I love movies and TV and dialog and song lyrics! Taylor Swift should write a book! Her lyrics are stories and I appreciate that! My favorite TV series is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Joss Whedon  is a GENIUS, and I want to be Gale Anne Hurd, for goodness sakes!!  My favorite reality show is Project Runway. Did anyone not see that coming???  I’m in love with the Outlander series. How many books can she write? I hope the TV series last as long as her books do!! Me and a million other women wish they were Scottish and born in the 1700’s and married to Jamie! The Homeland series is one of my obsessions. Carrie is F’d up for sure, but that makes me love her all the more!!! I promise not to spoil it for those of you that haven’t watched the show, but the scene where she climbs the fence and yells out to Brody as he is being, shall we say, “detained”, keeps me up at night!!!

My favorite movie is Terminator 1 and 2. No explanation needed.

Along with sewing and writing and watching good tv, I love a good bargin. My closet is packed full of wonderful finds from Goodwill! There must be a gal that lives in Andover Ks, that is my size and shops at my favorite stores, Anne Taylor, and White House, Black Market. I go to Goodwill every Saturday and have been able to supplement my wardrobe with great outfits. Because of GW, my clothes have  exceeded the closet  space in my room and forced me to take over the closet in my spare room! Not a bad problem to have actually!  But it has “forced”  me to buy outside of my own needs and look for clothes for my kids, Ryan, Jackie and Betsy, as well as my daughter-in-law Ashley and my sister Linda! I am Linda’s unofficial Stylist! She gets a Gayla Jarboe Fashion Box on her doorstep about once a month! (She lives in Montana!) It’s fun for me to find great things for her and she gets new outfits all the time!! It’s a Win, Win!

So, a little more about me personally, outside of the things I love. I’ve been divorced for a hundred years, well that’s what I tell people, it’s really been 27 years! (Might as well be 100!) Anyway, without a live in Handy man and a wad of cash I’ve had to learn how to do a lot of house-things myself! But my mom taught herself how to upholstery furniture, so I got this!  I’m able to hang light fixtures and ceiling fans. I put up a subway tile backsplash in my kitchen. I laid a floating laminate floor in my basement and porcelain tiles on my bathroom floor. I’ve painted my living room five times and my kitchen three times, I’ve lost count on the bathrooms. They are fun to paint, because bathrooms can be crazy and it works! I would actually love buying an old house and remodel it from the ground up! But maybe that will happen when I win the lottery!

I’ve been working in the HR department at a large Catholic Healthcare organization for the last 13 years.  Currently, I am a Training Specialist. It is a job that I love and because I love it so much, I’m afraid that one day I’ll  wake up and someone is going to take it away from me!!  I want to keep doing this, I want to continue to get better and more comfortable with all kinds of training

I’m excited about sharing with everyone what Gayle and I love do!  Crafting, Sewing  and being Happy!

Come join us!! It’ll be Fun!


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