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Gayla and I want to get to know our readers and the best way to do that is for our readers to get to know us!

Meet Gayle First.  I’m on the right.  I’m the youngest daughter born to Bob and Wanna.  Three sisters proceeded me into this world. First, Linda, then Sandra, next Gayla and then me.  Gayla and I are twins but she was born three minutes before me so technically I’m the baby of the family.  Regardless of our birth order, I am going to jump ahead of Gayla and be the first to share my story with you. You’ll get to know me, my family, my hopes, dreams, struggles, and how this blog came to be.

Gayla and I were born at the tail end of the ’50’s, making us baby boomers.  We had a wonderful childhood and wonderful parents.  IMG_1376We grew up in middle class America with not much money but plenty of love.  Our mom made our clothes, kept the house spotless, canned fruits and vegetables and made sure there was a homemade dinner on the table every night.  She taught us to sew, crochet, knit, cook and clean!  Somehow that last trait got lost over the years!  hmmm.  My dad was the chief of the loading dock for a  meat packing company where he worked long, hard hours .  But he still had time to spend with his girls!  Poor guy, he was completely surrounded by girls.  Even our dog was a girl!  He has passed but truly was the best Dad ever. Love you Daddy!

I was a good student and loved school.  Both Gayla and I were Cheerleaders all through Middle School and High School.  I continued my “cheerleading” career when I was on the dance team for the Wichita Wings Soccer team.  I did that for five years.  I also continued my education. I got a bachelor’s degree from Wichita State University….(Go Shockers!) and then a Masters through Webster University.  During my college years, all my friends started getting married.  I figured that was my path too.   But alas that did not happen.  My twenties came and went with no husband and no prospects either!  I was beginning to think that being single would be my future.  I fought that idea all through my twenties but by the time I turned 30, I began to feel that being happy and having a husband wasn’t necessarily tied together.  Ahh the beauty of growing up!   But just when I decided being single wasn’t a bad thing, my path took another turn.  A month before my 34th birthday I met my soulmate Steve.   Even though he was 8.5 years younger than me, we were a perfect match, our age difference didn’t matter!   Six months later we married.  Looking back on it, I realized why I had to wait so long to get married!  If I had married Steve in my twenties, I would have been thrown in jail!  When I was partying in college, he was coloring in his Big Chief Tablet!  So patience girls, patience.  Marrying your soulmate is worth the wait.

Its been twenty years since Steve and I met and married.  During those twenty years my career soared, my IMG_3015marriage grew strong and we added three wonderful kids to the mix.  There are many stories I will share about those twenty years over the course of this blog.  You
can’t be my age and not have learned and experienced a whole lot of stuff!

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Gayla and I both are excited to share our experiences and learn about yours too!  So come  hang out with Gayla and I!  Its going to be a Fun Ride!






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