Eight Tips to Help Get You Through Bad Times!

I am not a counselor in anyway shape or form so keep that in mind! But I did recently go through a really rough time, mainly due to my job but there were other factors as well that led this to being the “worst year of my life”. In the midst of this crappy year, I tried lots of things to help me through each day. Thankfully my “worse year ever” is over and I am on my way to being the happiest I have ever been! This blog plays a big part in that too! These steps helped me so I hope they help you too.

1. “Put a Song in your Heart”. I had about a 1/2 hour drive to work each day, so during this time I always made it a point to listen to my favorite songs. I would drive singing my favorite song at the top of my lungs. When you’re doing that you can’t think about anything bad!

2. “Inspire Me!”. I am really big on inspirational quotes. I was given a book of inspirational quotes a few years ago and I read one everyday. I have a lot of favorites but this one is really great! “She believed she could so she did”. It amazed me that reading a simple quote would help me get through the day.

3. “It is better to look good than to feel good”. But actually looking good does make you feel good! Which in turn makes you feel confident and feeling confident makes any bad day better. Take time to put on makeup, wear a favorite outfit, and a great pair of shoes. Even if you have a crappy day at work, you’ll look good!

4. “You can use some support” I had “home” support and “work” support people that I relied on. Be careful in picking your “work” people. Know and trust them because it could backfire on you! I was lucky to have co-workers l that I had worked with for 10 plus years. I trusted them and they trusted me. My husband and sister would were my sounded boards at home. Even though no one could really help me, it felt good to get things off my chest.

5. “The Tide Always Changes”. This is another one of my favorite quotes. It helped me so much to know that some day “my” tide would turn, that I gave it its own step.

6. “Calgon Take Me Away!” For me it wasn’t a sudsy bath it was my crafts! Every minute that I could I would go to my craft room and create! It took me away from the worries and stress of the day. Making a doll or a purse would give me a release that I couldn’t get anywhere else.

7. “Have Faith”. I am not the most spiritual person but I turned to God to help me through this time. I would cry, pray, beg, plead, bargain….I did it all. When I’d had a particularly hard day and just didn’t think I could make myself go to work again, I would go outside early in the morning and spread my arms out wide and say, God I give up, I cannot do this anymore! I’m done! Please take over!! It helped me to know someone else was going to take care of the day.

8. “Know When to Fold “Em”. When I finally came to grips that my job wasn’t for me and I wasn’t for the job, I felt free! I didn’t view it as a failure, I looked at it as a step towards being happy again! My journey took a different path, but that’s okay! All I wanted to be was HAPPY!

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