85 Reasons Why I Love My Mom!

For my mom’s 80th birthday a couple of years ago, my sisters (Linda, Sandra and Gayla) and I put together a list of 80 things we love about our mom.  We ended up with 85!  It took us all back to when we were growing up together in Wichita, Kansas.   We were a typical middle class family.  My dad worked for a meat packing company and my mom stayed home with us.  We weren’t rich at all and my mom had to be pretty frugal to make ends meet.  This didn’t affect us at all, we grew up surrounded by love and that was all that mattered.

Since Mother’s Day is just around the corner I am posting this list as a tribute to my mom and all moms everywhere.  Hope it makes you think fun times growing up too!

  1. You taught us how to sew
  2. You taught us how to knit
  3. You taught us how to crochet
  4. You taught us how to embroider
  5. You make a killer homemade pizza
  6. You showed us the benefits of being frugal
  7. You used Daddy’s white work socks for our Christmas stockings
  8. You rubbed Vic’s Vapor rub on our chests when we had a cold
  9. You didn’t over medicate us!
  10. You crushed a Baby aspirin in a teaspoon of water because we couldn’t swallow pills.
  11. You are independent, and therefore we are too
  12. You washed our hair in the kitchen sink.
  13. You made oatmeal AND pancakes with chocolate chips for our kids
  14. You handmade all our clothes when we were kids
  15. You braided our hair everyday.
  16. We got our “smarts” from you
  17. You took care of Daddy even when it was really hard.
  18. One time you bought Fudgesticks at the store and we ate them in the car on the way home…the whole box!
  19. You took home movies of us when we were little.
  20. You saved those home movies and put them on tape.
  21. You passed on to us your love of books and reading.
  22. You wore cool Cat Eye glasses in the 50’s
  23. You love Cats.
  24. Your favorite season is Fall
  25. You can out work anybody!!
  26. You refuse to watch “Million Dollar Baby”
  27. You always make our favorite meal for our birthday
  28. You dressed me and Gayla alike when we were little
  29. You still live in the same house we grew up in
  30. You let us have a dog when we were kids.
  31. You were a stay at home Mom until we were in the 5th grade
  32. You gave us home perms
  33. You love Fabric
  34. You can put your hands in scalding hot dishwater
  35. You don’t look your age!
  36. You have a shoe fetish.
  37. You got a Cat tattoo!
  38. You made us homemade hot chocolate…. not a mix
  39. You make the best Peanut Brittle in the whole world
  40. I got your nose (My twin sister Gayla not Me!)
  41. We have the same feet.
  42. You never quit anything.
  43. You have a very high tolerance for pain
  44. You have a lovely tree in  your yard, of which I have put a curse on (Gayla again!)
  45. You knitted us house shoes
  46. You taught yourself how to upholster furniture
  47. You bought us a piano and made us take lessons.
  48. You bought girl scout uniforms at a garage sale and altered them to fit us.
  49. You always made us the coolest Halloween costumes every year
  50. You make Christmas a Big Deal!
  51. You always kept our house spotless.
  52. You expected us to help with chores, some I (Gayla) suspect were just made up.
  53. You made us iron the pillow cases and Daddy’s handkerchiefs.
  54. You filled up an empty bottle of 7up with water that you used for ironing.  That was before steam irons!
  55. You gave me dry oatmeal for a snack.  I love oatmeal to this day (Linda)
  56. You gave me my first store bought dress when I was in the 4th grade.  It was a navy blue corduroy jumper with lacing on the bodice and a white blouse…LOVED that dress!
  57. In my times of tragedy, you stood by me quietly telling me, “it will be okay”
  58. You taught us to be self-sufficient.
  59. You taught us to be kind.
  60. You always said, “Let it go, it’s behind you”
  61. You have a mean streak!  One time you put on a scary mask at Halloween and jumped out from the  bathroom scaring the beegeesus out of me.
  62. You taught us to always keep busy!
  63. You took us to A&W in the summer to get Root Beer
  64. Sandra Kay and I (Linda) won you a musical Christmas Bell through piano lessons and surprised you with it.  We told you that we hadn’t won it!
  65. I got your green eyes (Linda)
  66. You only let us have soda after we did yard work in the summer
  67. You told us that you cut off Sabre’s tail (neighbor’s boxer dog) and put it in the beans for dinner.
  68. I told you once that I “accidentaly” put sugar in my chicken noodle soup and you let me eat something else for lunch.  (Mom, it really wasn’t an accident!)
  69. You could take a can of green beans, a can of corn, one fryer and a box of jello and make a feast!
  70. You made Sandra Kay and I (Linda) eat cold scrambled eggs for lunch because we refused to eat them for breakfast.  Waste not, want not.
  71. One of the few things that you will overindulge in is, Scotcheroos!
  72. You encourage me by telling me, “If anyone can finish this quilt, you can!” (Sandra)
  73. You went to all my junior high and high school concerts – a real test of love (Gayla)
  74. You are fun to go shopping with.
  75. You are a forgiving person, a true test of character.
  76. You let me buy a pair of maroon and black saddle oxfords, that I loved, despite that you thought I would get tired of them pretty quick.  You were right! (Sandra)
  77. You taught us the importance of family and friends
  78. You taught us the importance of giving of ourselves in volunteer work
  79. Each of us think’s we are your favorite!
  80. You wanted to be an airline stewardess when you were little
  81. You cried when I told you that my IVF worked.  You NEVER cry!  (ME)
  82. You give good advice.  You told me (Gayle) and Angel (My best friend in High school) that we shouldn’t give boys at nightclubs fake names.
  83. I was admiring a doll I had just finished, and it dawned on me that I couldn’t have made it had you not taught me to sew.
  84. You made me and Gayla volunteer at Wesley Hospital one summer because it would build our characters.  I hated it but it did!
  85. You are the best Mom ever!

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