Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge – FREE Tutorials!

In celebration of the “never go out of style fashion garment” the T-shirt.  I am holding a Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge.  Each week I will showcase a different way to deconstruct and reconstruct T-shirts into creative and cool projects.  Whether its to wear, carry, or use, I will provide step by step FREE instructions so you can make each project yourself!

There is nothing better than a great t-shirt.  Nothing!  Besides who doesn’t look good in a classic “T” and a pair of jeans!  See my cute oldest son and husband!  and YES I got Jack’s T-shirt at Goodwill!  Not only are they great to wear but they are the perfect medium to deconstruct and reconstruct into something else fabulous!

Steve and Jack

Steve and Jack

My love for this timeless fashion garment started when when I began making t-shirt necklaces.     For these, I only could use plain t-shirts so each week I would scoIMG_6844ur Goodwills for just the right color of t-shirts.  I couldn’t use ones that had logos or pictures on them because they didn’t “roll” right when I cut them into strips.  I kills me to think of how many cool t-shirts I passed up because they had a logo or picture on them.

Anyway, in one of my searches I remember finding a black t-shirt with a picture of a 1950’s Roller Derby Queen on it.  It was so cute and even though I couldn’t use it for a necklace, I had to have it!  Thus my love affair with t-shirts went to a whole new level.

Over the years I have used t-shirts for a lot of my projects and it is always a  joy to rescue one and transform it into something super cool.  Wearing them or using them for a project, a good “T” is a billboard for the person wearing/carrying or using it.  It tells the world a little bit about who you are.  Because of this I literally hate throwing away ANY t-shirt!  No matter how old, stained, or worn out they are.  I always think I might need just that exact color of faded blue or “how can I throw away Betty Boop or Mickey Mouse” or….well you get the picture.

Join us each week to get  your Free Tutorial!  The First Week will feature Baby Bibs!

Baby Bibs made from T-shirts. Download my Free Tutorial!

Baby Bibs made from T-shirts



Ten Week T-Shirt Challenge

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Enter your information and get a free Tutorial on how to turn recycled T-shirts into sweet irresistible Baby Bibs! This is Week One of my Ten Week T-shirt Challenge. Want more inspiration? Go to our ETSY shop to see more!

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  1. Linda says:

    Your baby bibs are amazing! I purchased two bibs for a friend’s baby shower and they were complete and total HITS! Love your style…!!

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