17 Short Inspirational Quotes

I really love a good quote and try to start each day with one.  A good quote in my opinion doesn’t have to be long in fact some of my favorites are really short and to the point!     I have listed a few of them here.  Each of these quotes are powerful and use only five or less words.   Enjoy!


  1. Love Strong.
  2. Happy will always find you.
  3. Hope always.
  4. Live Happy.
  5. Stars can’t shine without darkness.
  6. There is always a way.
  7. The tide always turns.
  8. Joy.  Jump for it.
  9. Dream no small dream.
  10. Seize the day!
  11. Laugh louder.
  12. Never stop being curious.
  13. Faith is hope on fire.
  14. Dreams have no expiration date.
  15. Scatter joy.
  16. Friendship: Yes, please.
  17. Wherever you are, shine.

Gayle and Gayla

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