Simple Colorful Lampshades!

Make this simple but colorful lampshade from an inexpensive Indian-style throw!

Simple Colorful Lampshade

Simple Colorful Lampshade

Goodwill Lamp and Lampshade

Goodwill lampshade

Here’s a simple, colorful solution to boring lampshades.

I struggled with choosing lamps for my bedroom. I tried tall lamps, fancy lamps, industrial work lamps, almost everything. What I finally stuck with were some brass candlestick lamps that the shade had long since tore or were damaged somehow.

So I bought two bell shaped shades at Goodwill and removed the fabric shade, leaving the bell shaped spokes exposed. I painted them red and they looked great!!

But eventually I decided that the exposed shade was not conducive to sitting in bed reading or playing on my kindle. The problem was that without the shade, the light shone right in my eye! So I started looking for new shades or ideas to cover the existing ones.

I ran across an idea in Pinterest where someone had taken strips of fabric and tied them around the spokes of their shade. I can do that!

My bedroom, as you can see looks like an eleven year boy’s room! I’m okay with that!! The western theme made it easy for me to pick my fabric!


Indian Style Throw - Make something out of it!

Indian Style Throw

I had  a cheap Indian style throw that I just had in a stack of quilts and blankets that were in one of my nightstands.


I cut that fabric into about 1” strips and wound the fabric around the naked shade, tying it at each spoke


Easy directions for a cool lamp shade

When I got to the end of a strip I just tied another strip to it and continued around the shade. The bright red, green, blue and yellow colors of the fabric went great with my Western themed bedroom.


It didn’t take me any time at all to have two new lamps for my room, without spending a dime!!!



Simple Colorful Lampshade

Simple Colorful Lampshade

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