Jewelry Organizer Using Old Fence Boards

Make your own Jewelry Organizer!

Wooden Fence Jewelry Organizer - Easy make yourself!

Wooden Fence Jewelry Organizer

Some might say that I have too many clothes, too many shoes and too many necklaces! I would agree with that statement only if you take out the word “too”! I have many clothes, many shoes and many necklaces! Much better.

I didn’t use to accessorize as much as I do now. Maybe it’s because I make a lot of my clothes and I buy a lot of clothes at my wonderful Goodwill! (I can buy Ann Taylor there all day, everyday!) So not spending an arm or a leg on clothes has allowed me to spend a little more on jewelry!! I’m not into precious stones, but I wouldn’t say no if Tom Hiddleston presented me with a 5 carat diamond engagement ring! Okay Taylor, you can have him!!! What I really like are big chunky necklaces, cool rings and bangle bracelets!! Yum!!! So, to store all these lovely things I put them in a jewelry Armoire that I’ve had forever, seemingly a great place for Momma’s pretties, but not so much.


Old Dark Stuffed to the brim Jewelry organizer

I had the Armoire in a corner of my bedroom where it is kind of dark and hard to get to.  I had many problems with this organizer.  Some of my necklaces were too long and kept the side doors from closing. And I have so many that inevitably the one I wanted to wear was behind 27 other necklaces, so I had to take all of them off just to get to the one I wanted. I thought there has to be a better way to hang these necklaces.

So here’s my solution!

I had taken down the old wooden fence in my backyard, but kept the old boards, because there is a million things I can do with them!!! So in keeping with my Western themed bedroom I made my Wooden Fence Jewelry Organizer!

Wooden Fence Planks

I took three old fence boards and cut them to about 36 “ long, then trimmed the top of each into a more defined fence top. I then connected them together to form a “section” of fence, with a couple of 1” pieces of wood which were the width of what I wanted the organizer to be. I added a couple of picture hangers on the back as well.

Walmart Hooks

I initially bought one package of six coat hooks at Walmart. They were only around $6.00 each. I attached them to the front of the “fence” in various places to hang my jewelry on.  Eventually though,  I went back to Walmart and bought more hooks because I have “many” necklaces. The final product has fourteen hooks on it, three for really long pieces, three for middle lengths and nine hooks for shorter necklaces.

Jewelry Organizer Ready for Jewelry

I hung the organizer on the bathroom wall behind the door. It is so handy because the lighting is good, it’s at eye level and I can try different necklaces on in the bathroom mirror!

Wooden Fence Jewelry Organizer

Completed Jewelry Organizer!





All together it cost me $15.00! Sweet!

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