My Latest Shabby Shriek Dolls

Hi Everyone, one of my favorite things to create are my Shabby Shriek Dolls.  I just finished two that I totally love.  Both are a bit more colorful than I have done in the past, but I am digging it!

Its interesting how my dolls have evolved over the few years and how other crafted dolls have inspired my own creations.  I have always loved dolls but only started creating my own a few years ago after I saw one of Junker Jane’s dolls.  I was hooked!  I thought….their not perfect, so any mistake really isn’t a mistake….gotta love that!  Plus they are kind of scary but in a beautiful way.

I decided that I had to make one of my own!  I had learned to sew when I was young, (Thanks Mom!) but I hadn’t sewn anything for years.  I hoped it was like riding a bike, once you learn you never forget.   It ended up that making these dolls involves very little sewing and what little there is, is straight lines!  Again, perfect for me!   My very first doll was primitive but I immediately fell in love with her.  I still have her, she sits on the shelf overlooking my work table with another one of my “firsts”.  She is pictured below.

First Shabby Shriek Doll

First Shabby Shriek Doll

She was simple, unadorned and the process was easy so I thought “I must make more”!   

A few years have passed and my dolls have evolved, they are a lot more work and are TOTALLY adorned but the creative process is so rewarding AND it gives me a reason to go to Goodwill!  All their clothes are made from garments I get there.

At one of the first craft shows that my dolls were shown, someone came up and asked “who is the artist that made the dolls”.  I hesitated a bit before I responded because I never considered myself an artist but I excitedly said “ME”!  It was a cool feeling!

Overseeing the Creative Process

Overseeing the Creative Process

Anyway here are my latest two dolls.  Let me know what you think!

Shabby Shriek - The Red Queen

Shabby Shriek – The Red Queen

Shabby Shriek - The Red Queen

Shabby Shriek – The Red Queen

Shabby Shriek - Back View of "Flowers in My Hair"

Shabby Shriek – Back View of “Flowers in My Hair”

Shabby Shriek - "Flowers in My Hair"

Shabby Shriek – “Flowers in My Hair”

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