Re-Styled Dresser for Under $50

Re-styled Dresser for under $50

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Re-style an old dresser for under $50!  

I desperately needed storage in my sewing room and since my sewing room doubles as my guest bedroom, whatever I chose needed to be functional but stylish.   As I have mentioned before, I love Fabric!  Every piece I buy, was bought with love and the thought that someday it would be transformed into something beautiful! The end result is,  I have fabric everywhere and that’s no way to treat any kind of precious cargo!  So I needed to get organized!

Recently, I discovered on-line Auctions!  If you have never tried this form of shopping entertainment, you should!  In the last couple of months I have won auctions on numerous super cool items that were so inexpensive!  I am kind of hooked now!  When this sad, lonely dresser came up, I knew I had to have it!  I saw beyond its “ugly duckling” state and knew that I could transform it into a beautiful swan!  Apparently, no one else could see the “swan” because I bid and won it for $18.00.

It was pretty rough when I picked it up. Someone had made it and even though it had a very simple construction, it was sturdy and made from solid wood which allowed painting it easy.  If it had been pretty, I probably wouldn’t have gotten for $18.00.  I might have been able to find a cheaper one at a garage sale, but who has time to do that!

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My garage doubles as my workshop, so my car was kicked out to complete this project.  I wanted to do an ombre paint technique so I chose shades of turquoise spray paint.  I picked turquoise because first, its one of my favorite colors and second, because that was the only color Wal-Mart had at least three progressive shades of.   Unfortunately, I realized when I got home that there were four rows of drawers not three like I had thought. Thank goodness I had some leftover light turquoise paint from a previous project that was just enough to paint the top row.

The first step was to clean and sand down each drawer.   Next, I painted each with primer, waiting 24 hours before adding color.  Each drawer then received two coats of spray paint, letting each layer thoroughly dry before adding the next.  Other than having to wait on the drying process, the project was easy and fast.

I wanted to do something different and a bit unexpected with the drawer pulls so the wooden knobs had to go!  One thing I strive for in all my projects is to use items in a different way than what they were designed for.  For this project I bought house numbers at Wal-Mart.  They were only .97 each which fit in my budget.  As you can see, I nailed them to the drawers in place of a typical drawer pull.

The good thing is, they give the dresser an amazing unique look.  The bad thing is they don’t stick out enough to allow you to pull the drawer out.  Thankfully, the drawers slide out easily without a pull.  If I was using this dresser for clothes, I would have used something a little more functional, but since this project was meant to store fabric, the coolness of the numbers out weighed the loss of functionality.  As Gayle Ann always says…. “Its better to look good than to feel good”.   That sort of is the case here!

Here’s my list of materials and their cost.

Dresser $18.00

3 cans of turquoise paint (3 @ 3.98)$11.94

One free can from my home stash! -0-

1 can of primer $ 3.98

15 house numbers  (15 @.97 each) $14.55

TOTAL $48.47

I can live with a dresser for less than $50.00!

Notice the colorful mirror?  That is another great DIY project coming soon!

Re-styled Dresser for under $50

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